In order to be eligible for BTE Power Rankings prizes, drivers must be an annual member of as of 9-1-13.  In the event that a top ten driver at seasons end is not a member, their prize will go to the highest finishing driver that is a member.


2013 Prize Packages
BTE Top Dragster or Top Sportsman Powerglide Transmission - Your Choice ($3500 Value)!
Annual TIBR Subscription ($119 Value)
Exclusive BTE Power Rankings "Champion" Decals & Prizes
2nd Place:
BTE Torque Converter of Your Choice (Up to $899 Value)!
Annual TIBR Subscription ($119 Value)
Unique BTE Power Rankings "Top 10" Decals & Prizes
3rd-5th Place:
Racers who finish 3rd-5th will earn a great prize from the TIBR Power Rankings Prize Pool.  The third place finisher will get their choice of one of the following three prizes.  4th will get their choice of the two remaining prizes, and 5th place takes the last remaining prize.  3rd-5th also each get a complimentary annual subscription to TIBR, and unique "Top 10" decals.
Top 5 Prize Pool: 
$500 Auto Meter Gift Certificate
Complimentary Helmet Paint Job
Set of Slicks--Your Choice
6th-10th Place:
Complimentary Annual Subscription to
Unique "Top Ten" Decals

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